GPS Watches Improve Fitness Goals

Fitness watches such as Garmin GPS watches are popular among runners and fitness enthusiasts for many reasons.

First, what is a GPS watch? Simply put, it stands for Global Positioning Satellite watch. Many of you are familiar with GPS navigation devices that are common in cars today. They help you find your current location based on a satellite feed that reports your exact ground position.

GPS technology has found its way into the fitness and running industry through devices that can be worn, like a wrist watch, while jogging and excercising. These watches go beyond the typical stop watch. Now you’re able to track exact distances that you ran or hiked and the amount of time it took to complete that course. GPS watches can also track elevation and graph those results so you can see how your time changed based on inclines and declines in your running route.

Many watches are also able to utilize heart rate monitors so you can keep track of your heart rate to ensure that you stay within your target goals. The monitors strap around your chest and transmits data wirelessly to the watch. No need to get tangled in wires.

After your workout, download your data points such as time, distance, calories burned and heart rate into the provided computer software. Now you can store and graph the data to visually see how you’re workout results are changing over time. You can even share your running routes with online communities. Need a running route in your area? Go to specially designed websites that can provide exact running routes and distances in your town. When you find a route that you like, you can download that information to your computer.

Pricing for GPS watches have come down since the technology has matured and is readily available. Beginning models can be found under $100. While models with more options can run into the hundreds of dollars. You will be able to find a watch with robust features at around the $175 price point. If you’re looking for more accurate data collection from your jogging workouts, then the investment in a GPS watch will be well worth it.