Day: April 2, 2017

How is baseball gloves made? – The complete process of making gloves

It is fascinating to know about the manufacturing story of baseball gloves. Unlike old days, heavy and modern machinery have been being used to manufacture these gloves. Production processes of such gloves are quite long, and its output is completed in five steps. So, if you are eager to know how baseball gloves are created then check out the below steps of manufacturing them:

Die cutting

There are six steps involved in baseball production is die to cut. The leather is the chief material used in gloves, and it will be cut in four different pieces. A machine has been used to reduce them, and their four parts are shell, web, pad and web. The first stage even includes burning of Rawlings logos, and then leather will be embroidered. See types of baseball gloves here.

Lining & shelling

This includes the sewing process in which the glove is sewn from inside out. Further, in the process, this has been steamed to make it flexible.  Next, the glove is turned out, and then a lining will be inserted into it. After it, hot hand device is used to place the shelled line on it. This device is scalding and used to give the glove a proper shape and used for correcting its size. This step is the crucial one and ensures that all of the finger holes should be open up properly.

Reinforcement plastics are inserted

In it, a pad is created by stitching two types of leather together. Then the glove with a heel is used to insert the pad into it. Two pads together offer more flexibility to the glove plus ensure gloves durability. At the end of this process, a reinforcement made of plastic is placed into the little ginger and thumb of the glove.


Several pieces are used to create a web of leather. There are many webbing styles, and each style is dedicated to different playing positions of players. Gloves need to manufacture in a way that it supports the player’s position. Besides this, construction of these webs is done separately, and after it, they stitched the entire glove plus does all the lacing work in it.

Lacing &stitching

A piece known as rawhide has been used to lace these gloves. It is around eight to ninety inches and varies according to the baseball glove length and shape. Lacing process is started with the thumb, and then entire glove will be laced. Nylon thread is being used to stitch all of them together and even offer stability to the glove. Taking about the handcrafted gloves, their manufacturing process is not similar to this one.

Lay off operation

This is the final step in it as it is for keeping everything in one place. In this step, again a hot hand is used to shape the glove. Due to this, baseball glove quality is also improved it gives it a final touch to the gloves.

This is the whole process of making a baseball glove, and this job sounds tough for its manufacturers. So, convey the entire process to someone who is as curious as for were you.